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OneLife Botanicals is a cultivator and
manufacturer of medicinal cannabis
located in Melbourne , Australia.

Extensive Research & Development Program

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The quality of Our One Life

Best Practice Growing
& Manufacturing Processes

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Medicinal cannabis is a natural product that provides a range of health benefits to people around the world.

OneLife Botanicals is a boutique producer of a range of medicinal cannabis products. We know that the significant therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis are yet to be fully realised. Our cultivating and manufacturing facility is designed to meet the needs of the ever-growing demand to treat a range of indications provided by this unique and powerful plant.

Help and guidance to find the right advice and products to improve your health.

Information on how to assess and prescribe the right cannabis products for your patients.

Medicinal cannabis dispensing and how to order OneLife Botanicals products.

OneLife Botanicals exists to make a positive contribution to the improvement of quality of life of everyone by the provision of medical cannabis products made to the highest standard. Our products provide a range of health benefits, including the treatment of pain, inflammation and a range of anxiety disorders.