For Doctors

Do you know the extensive health benefits medicinal cannabis can provide for your patients?

Medicinal cannabis products are legal, high-quality medicines that can be prescribed for people by their doctor. Derived from cannabis plants, they can be used to treat the symptoms of a range of medical conditions, including the side effects experienced as a result of some other treatments.

Any doctor in Australia can prescribe medicinal cannabis for any patient with any condition, if they have the required Commonwealth and/or state approvals. For clinicians wanting to apply for the necessary approvals, this can be completed on the relevant State Health Department website. The TGA may require evidence of specialist support for the proposed treatment.

The Australian Federal Government has granted OneLife Botanicals with licenses to cultivate, manufacture and sell medicinal cannabis. However, patient access remains limited and challenging.


An increasing number of Australian medical cannabis doctors are successfully navigating pathways, including Special Access Schemes and Authorised Prescriber Schemes to provide cannabis products that are bringing real benefits to the quality of people’s lives.

If you are interested in helping your patients gain access to the health benefits our products can provide, please get in touch with us so that we can share more about the range of medicinal cannabis products available.